Non-Profit IT Expertise

Technology can be confusing and complicated. It can be hard for a nonprofit to make a quality decision about what kind of computer system, website and business tools to buy. Every nonprofit has unique technology needs. But the basic principles for making technology decisions are similar including the special need of all nonprofits: to keep expenses as low as possible.

Smaller organizations don’t usually have much money to spend. Even larger nonprofits have to keep a close eye on the bottom line because donors want to know that most of their money is being spent on the mission, and not on administration and machines.

NetWorks will make sure you're making technology decisions that serve your mission. A lot of nonprofits get talked into purchases by staff, consultants, and even volunteers, without thinking through whether the system or technology is useful.

NetWorks specializes in non-profit technology master planning including system design, integration, training and support. We provide the tools necessary to empower non-profits to more efficiently accomplish their mission with technology best practices aided by foundations who provide software and hardware at little or no cost.

Our Focus

StaffNetWorks is dedicated to providing the most reliable computer networking and technology solutions that make your business more productive while lowering IT costs.

From initial planning through final implementation and ongoing system support, NetWorks expertise and years of experience enable us to quickly and effectively solve our clients' most challenging networking problems.

Through innovative system designs, on-site services and best practices networking, hardware and software solutions, we offer the answers and the satisfaction you expect from your investment.

Company History

Founded in 1993, NetWorks is a Hawaii based technology company with systems engineers across North America dedicated to serving your needs with technology best practices that will help your business become more efficient and profitable. By focusing on the people, technology and process of each business, NetWorks’ can customize a solution to fit any budget and IT challenge. 

Through-out our 18-year history, NetWorks’ has played a key role in advancing professionalism and innovation in Hawaii’s IT industry. Our experience allows us to provide world-class IT support services to small-and-medium-sized businesses at reasonable prices that even non-profit companies appreciate. Most of today’s competitive companies have demanding needs for IT support and often do not have a budget for an in-house IT department.  This is where NetWorks’ shines.

NetWorks Qualifications

NetWorks provides authorized support for Microsoft, Citrix, Symantec, Cisco, OpenText, Novell, HP, Dell and many others. Our staff and engineers have solid technical credentials and experience (MCSE, CCEA, CNE, CNA, CCNP) and our technical and support staff undergo constant training. NetWorks’ expertise will allow you to manage your business not your network.

NetWorks knows your business

Our technical staff has installed and supported networks, databases and websites from all walks of business life including: architecture, advertising, accounting, commercial property management, education, entertainment, land development, construction, insurance, financial services, legal services, military, hospitality health care and non-profits. Our experience extends to many special practice applications that run various businesses. Experience plus best practices guarantee a quality experience for you.

Our Committments to You


NetWorks is committed to delivering excellence in I.T services, software solutions, staff augmentation and project deployment for the benefit of our clients.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

We are driven to satisfy our clients by delivering services and products of consistently high quality. We also strive to exceed their expectations in our responsiveness and dedication.

Professional Integrity and Ethical Behavior

We are committed to and are accountable for upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity. We value teamwork and relentlessly pursue building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect with our employees, consultants, clients, and strategic partners.

Market Diversification and Technical Growth

We are continuously learning and challenging each other at NetWorks to adapt to rapidly evolving markets and technologies


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