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techVirtualize Yourself! Mobile access to your data is no longer a luxury for a few high performance employees; it's a critical requirement for any organization that engages in high-value prospect and customer interactivity, anytime, anywhere. Enterprises with highly mobile workforces require different degrees of access to critical, accurate business information using a variety of access methods, depending on their current location. With NetWorks connectivity options, mobile users are able to work from the field as if they were in the office.


Your Data on Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere 

Today’s competitive edge requires a digital workforce with the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time using any device they'd like.  Users now have the option to access information needed from any PC, Mac, smartphone, PDA or tablet.   Secure Remote Access enables mobile employees, home workers, extranet partners, customers and other authorized users to access business critical applications and resources – thereby increasing productivity. Secure remote access is also an ideal business continuity solution with which to prepare for emergencies, where employees can't make it into the office. With an increasingly mobile workforce, and more users using more applications across a broader mix of devices, it is important to select a secure remote access solution that fully addresses several key considerations:

  • Users will not always own or have access to corporate managed devices, and as such, must be able to securely access from any Web-enabled device. A secure remote access solution must ensure that, regardless of the end-point, security is assured and business critical resources are not jeopardized.  
  • Some applications are Web-enabled, others aren’t. Some users can be trusted with full network connectivity, others can’t. Today’s secure remote access solutions must be able to support any mix of Web, native, and thin client applications as well as provide for both layer three and layer seven access.  
  • NetWorks supports mobile customers on today’s most popular platforms and keep your company productive, 24/7. PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Android, simply connect and control the device as if it’s in the palm of your hand even when it’s half way around the world.

NetWorks’ can offer you a complete remote access solution that meets your specific business needs including a chance to Try Before You Buy. We can provide all hardware and software necessary for you to field test a solution before you roll out to the whole organization.

Tablet and Smart Phone integration


Not sure of which tablet or smart-phone device to deploy for your business? You’re not alone.

On the smart-phone side, there’s no question that the iPhone and Google Androids have proliferated the market, but they are still used more for personal rather than business use. The majority of businesses still use BlackBerry devices.

There are many opinions of which device is best. All accomplish similar business functionality for managing email, calendar, contacts and tasks. The iPhone and Google phones are more consumer oriented with better music and video options. However, if you’re using a smart-phone for business, BlackBerry has a reputation as a more secure device with better business user experience.

NetWorks supports all of these devices, which can be integrated into Microsoft Exchange for live instant wireless synchronization of your email, calendar, tasks and contacts. With smart-phone integration, whatever activity occurs on your smart-phone, such as sending/deleting email, creating or rescheduling appointments, add/modify contacts and task, for example, your Outlook desktop will be automatically synchronize via the smart-phone wireless service. There’s no need to worry about manual sync and human errors. It’s automatic and instantly synced.

Call NetWorks today for a free evaluation.

Balance Network Security and Access to Maximize User Productivity

With increases in mobile, remote and home-based workers, management is asked to provide access to corporate resources for users in a range of access scenarios. However, the relationship between access and security is one of opposition – the more you have of one, the less you have of the other. To avoid risk, organizations often take a (on/off) approach, allowing either full access or denying any access based on the sensitivity of information. This all-or-nothing choice can leave the organization exposed on one hand, or reduce user productivity on the other.

Increase Ease & Flexibility of Remote Access while Tightening Data Security

When choosing a remote access solution, companies often find they are making a tradeoff between ease of administration and security. Conventional dial-up or IPSEC Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions grant access to full corporate resources by giving each user an IP address on the trusted network. Therefore, the user’s workstation becomes an attractive target for attackers, who know that if they can compromise the machine, they gain full access to the company’s network. Organizations need a better solution that allows them to control the information accessible to each user without adding complexity. To ensure productivity of remote workers, companies need a cost-effective way to give all of these users access to the corporate applications they require.

  • Allow users to work from anywhere
  • Control which applications remote users can execute
  • Avoid sending application data over the Internet
  • Keep sensitive data off of unsecured workstations
  • Mitigate the threats posed by malware on the client
  • Stop the spread of viruses from users’ machines
  • Minimize bandwidth required for each remote user

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