NetWorks will Watch Over Your 'Whole System'

techNetWorks will monitor the critical parts of your systems including internet connection, bandwidth usage, backup jobs, SNMP devices, RAID devices, remote offices, your well as your server.

In short, NetWorks helps you monitor the key parts of your ‘whole system’ that cause the most grief – and allows us to fix issues before you even know you have one.

Feature Overview

  • Performance and availability monitoring for all devices, services, software and websites
  • Integrated monitoring and alerting against Managed Workplace features (i.e. Patch Management and Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA))
  • Hundreds of predefined best-practice monitoring Policy Modules for products from over 115 SMB vendors
  • Highly configurable to suit your needs including customizable alerts, alert categories, views and groups

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Are Top IT Priorities

According to a recent Forrester’s survey improving business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities is the No. 1 priority for small and medium businesses.

Protect your business – Disaster Recovery Tools

NetWorks will help you protect your company’s critical data and minimize the effects of a disaster so that your organization will be able to quickly resume mission-critical IT functions. Systems include:

  • Ensuring critical data, applications, and complete systems are protected in the case of a disaster
  • Providing disaster recovery for production applications in virtual server environments Reducing the complexity of managing heterogeneous server and storage platforms
  • Reducing the costs of building and managing disaster recovery infrastructure

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