You didn’t think it would happen to your company. Sure, you had heard that ransomware attacks infiltrate businesses and cause insurmountable damage and horrific results in money lost and seizure of assets but this sort of thing doesn’t happen to your company- until it does. You have lost all access to your data and have zero access to your accounts.
Without professional help, it could take weeks (at best) to get your company fully back up and running- and what about any information that was compromised?
Small businesses have reported losing $30K+ per day.


NetWorks can restore your system in total to any device within a matter of hours. Companies that have what it takes to overcome a devastating security breach have a plan- do you have a plan?

NetWorks has you covered. 

How fast your company can return to life, depends on your actions. [Call/Email] NetWorks today to back up your system and develop a disaster recovery plan.