Bullet Proof Your Business.

Is Your System Safe Tonight?

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    Just over half (58%) of all cyber loss victims are small to midsize businesses.

    You need the freedom of knowing that you have the proper security protocols and systems in place.

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    Cyber attacks can be prevented.

    The root causes of security failures are largely known and predictable.

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    Networks can help.

    NetWork's team can implement a system for your business that defends against phishing, fraud and data leakage.

The risk of cyber attack continues to loom large, as perpetrators find ever more inventive ways to penetrate information systems.
2020 FM Global Resilience Index

Your business is vulnerable.

Make sure you have protection.

How would your business cope with an attack that resulted in significant data loss?

Cyber losses are increasing in frequency and severity. The broad adoption of technology by organizations across all sectors has created new opportunities for cybercriminals. This trend is only increasing with the changes many organizations have implemented to facilitate remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, and cybercriminals are actively using this to their advantage. Although the number of cyber attacks hasn’t increased dramatically, their rate of success has.

Be, wise, be safe with NetWorks’ proven industry approaches to securing your vital data system.

  • Almost half of all companies have over 1,000 sensitive pieces of information that are not protected.

    Confidential records, personal employee informationfinancials are vulnerable

  • 80% of small businesses report attacks that evaded their antivirus and intrusion detection software.

    Your business needs more than a standard protection suite to stay secure.

  • About 60% of small businesses close their doors within six months following a cyberattack or data disaster from a virus like ransomware.

    All it takes is one employee to open a malicious email message from a cyber-criminal to gain access to your company’s network and affect confidential customer information.


It can happen to anyone. Every business in every industry is a potential target for malicious and devastating Ransomware attacks that can, and do, cripple businesses forcing many of them to close their doors. What happens when the critical components of your business are held hostage? What will you tell your clients when every account and the sensitive data within are locked down and encrypted by data terrorists? The impact on your company can be devastating. Your personal information- or your client’s personal information could be even sold on the dark web. [insert percentage of businesses that go out of business within x amount of years following a ransomware attack]

Data Terrorists are taking measures to get smarter and quicker- what are you doing to ensure your business does not become a casualty of a hostile takeover?


Taking action when your company is safe could prevent catastrophe.
You go to the doctors for health check-ups, you have health insurance and car insurance to prevent and prepare for disasters, doesn’t it make sense that you would also protect your business? Security-minded companies have greater chances of business survival because they have taken the measures to safeguard against attacks. ecurity breaches are predictable and stem from a known cause. Basic cybersecurity measures, when implemented correctly and timely, can and will protect your business. Network’s is highly skilled at identifying where your business could use more armor and shoring everything up.
NetWorks will ensure your data is safe so that you can rest easy with the peace of mind knowing that your business is secure and protected.

How exposed is your business? Do you know where your security breach might happen? NetWorks personalized risk assessment will shine a light on the areas of weakness within your current security measures.

Be wise and safe. Call NetWork’s for a free security assessment today!