Document Management Systems

The Critical Business Tool You Never Knew You Were Missing.

Document management systems save companies money. Making information easily findable allows organizations to eliminate paper storage, streamline operations, and improve communication. Organizations will reap the benefits of this boost in efficiency by shifting resources from clerical tasks towards revenue-producing ones. By avoiding extra hires, minimizing time wasted on filing and finding missing documents, and increasing overall business efficiency, digital document management systems now have the ability to save your company more money than ever before.
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    Document Management software automates the process of managing documents

    from creation to storage to distribution throughout an enterprise, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost and clutter of maintaining paper records.

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    Simple. Secure. Searchable.

    Imagine being able to retrieve any document using a keyword, phrase, or even an indexed category. Recall your valuable data in seconds. 

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    Afordable and easy to manage.

    Until now, Document Management Systems were expensive and difficult to maintain and configure. Now, NetWorks offers an affordable easy to manage solution for any business.

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    Protect your valuable data!

    With a NetWorks Document Management System, you'll know that all your information is secure and safely backed up.

Initiate a review of your critical data systems that confirms system safety, validates organizational responsibility that will lower insurance premiums and identifies any needed changes required to assure your peace of mind.
IDC Report
Organizations currently spend $20 on labor to file a document and $120 to retrieve an incorrectly filed document, followed by a shocking $220 to reproduce a lost document. Around 7.5% of all documents get lost, meaning companies are spending astronomical amounts of money and time chasing paper documents.
Price Waterhouse

Save your business time & money

With NetWorks Document Management

It Costs

  • $20

    To file a document

  • $120

    To find a misfiled document

  • $220

    To reproduce a lost document


For companies heavily reliant on documents stored in physical files, limited-search capacity PDFs, and loose papers, one disaster could put you out of business: a fire, a flood, or even an irresponsible employee. Important documents lost forever. The cost is exponential – not only would you lose money, you could also lose trust and valuable relationships vital to the survival of your business.


NetWorks can provide you with an affordable, easy to manage Document Management System (DMS) that will make finding any document profoundly easy. With a CMS, you can use keywords or phrases to retrieve files in a document (full text or indexed categories) within seconds. Best of all, your documents can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Having tools, such as a CMS, are meant to make life easier. The best businesses have the best tools, they are the first to utilize these tools to their advantage and revolutionize opportunities to make their businesses better, faster, stronger.C

Imagine having full access to your business poolside, from a beach in Fuji,or even a resort in Naples.  When your business becomes paperless, and you are operating fully remote, the opportunities become limitless and the direction your business can go, increases.

Finding the right document is virtually effortless.

NetWork’s DMS is incorporated with Version Control- allowing you to refer back to previous versions online, anytime.

NetWorks has successfully secured a fully functional paperless office with a DMS for many companies- are you ready to go paperless? If the answer is yes, call NetWorks today.