The first lesson learned from the coronavirus in business is to accelerate the development of a technology infrastructure that can support alternative types of working.
Gartner Group
54% of HR leaders indicate that poor technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effective remote working.
Gartner Group

NetWorks will provide your business with

The 3 Keys to an Easy to Use, Productive and Secure Office Anywhere System

Going remote does not have to be complicated or expensive. 

Let NetWork’s highly trained team facilitate the smooth transition to fully remote working capacity. NetWork will build a remote work strategy for you and your team that will provide you with the optimal tools to achieve more flexibility in where and how you work.

Your company’s data is more secure in a paperless office

With multi-factor authentication and automated data backup. Enjoy the flexibility of using any device to share documents, images and data collaboratively with colleagues and clients.


COVID-19 has necessitated massive shut-downs forcing companies and their employers to work remotely in many areas around the world. If your company has yet to adapt to the changing environment of the working world then you likely have physical files, office rental space fees, and unprepared employees without the tools necessary for a productive remote work environment, among other things. This lack of resources and lack of a well-laid out plan can amount to a huge waste of time, energy, and money. 

What will happen when disasters force you out of your office again? Most business owners resist adapting to a functional remote model because they are concerned that productivity will drop. They are worried they won’t be able to find the documents they need or access the tools that support the lifeline of their business. They expect to be limited and partially inoperable. What if this wasn’t true?

In today’s unique market, hiring the right person from the local talent pool can be a challenge. Employing people from anywhere on the globe can give your business the edge it needs.


It’s no secret that remote working is the way of the future. When you virtualize your business, a physical office and all of the obligatory costs, become unnecessary. Many tech companies have figured it out and are now scaling their businesses in a thriving environment which allows them to not only work anywhere they choose- but to also reallocate and save money in a virtual environment that enables them to increase productivity and reach new levels in their business.

True productivity does not mean physically seeing your employees at work. Sally may look very busy when she knows you are watching and Bob has mastered the art of minimizing unrelated tabs in record time. True productivity is all about the numbers. With the right tools, you can drive up efficiency and achieve more. Your results will tell the story of how you are doing and where you can improve. How is your business growing and thriving? Is your GM increasing appropriately or better yet- exponentially?

Owning a 100% Digital-Collaborative Remote Office can provide you with the Freedom and Peace of Mind to focus on what you do best.

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